Elmedia Player For The Airplay

We all know about the AirPlay on our iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and any other Mac or Windows device that runs iTunes. AirPlay has the feature to stream the videos and audios wirelessly either online or on offline to other devices. It is the most popular among the people and the most considered way to watch video in the recent times. But AirPlay was basically designed to stream the videos and Music to other devices in the network in your home. It is very easy to stream the video to another platform with AirPlay. For example, iOS to Android. Then the developers have extended its capacity to stream the videos online in the device. It can also stream the online video to another device while playing it on the parent device. The AirParrot is a well known application for AirPlay but Elmedia Player PRO app can make a perfect alternative to AirParrot. Link:https://mac.eltima.com/media-player.html

Elmedia Player:

The Elmedia is a PRO player that can use the AirPlay feature with ease. It has broken down the codes of the AirPlayer and developed a format that is more user-friendly for the AirPlay feature. It is popularly known as the Multi-format Player. It functions as a support to the AirPlay. It can receive and the send the videos and the music that is streaming on another AirPlay device that includes Mac, iOS and sometimes Android too.  It is an AirPlay streamer that sends data from the Mac where it is installed to another device in which the Elmedia or any other AirPlay streamer is installed. This creates a possibility of receiving and streaming the videos on Apple TV from your Mac and iOS devices. This Elmedia also streams the music iOS devices to Mac or from the Mac to the Apple TV. Elmedia video streamer is not upgraded to the current working platform of iOS 9. In the iOS 9 it can only send and receive the Music and the Audio. The AirParrot alternative for Mac is the Elmedia Player PRO and the link to download it is given.https://mac.eltima.com/airparrot-alternatives-mac.html Firstly download and install the free version of the player. It is recommended to upgrade the app to its PRO version because some of the features many not be available on the free trail version of the app. Connect the iPad, iPhone and the Mac devices to the same Wi-Fi network and select the file to start streaming.