Fix Samsung Camera “DCF Full Error” and Recover Lost Data

You may suffer the problem with your camera for some time. Digital camera is traditional feature of Samsung smartphones. You like to take pictures using the “smile” so much. Sometime, during taking pictures, you may have strange error message called “DCF Full Error” showing on the screen! No matter how much you try to avoid it. Yet it occurred immediately after taking a new image.

At first you may think the problem could be caused by frequent use of smile modes or a failed hardware camera. The problem has nothing to do with the Samsung camera itself. Instead, the small piece of removable memory card is the main cause. In case of serious damage to Samsung memory card, raid data recovery Chicago service is great.

Do you love Samsung camera? – Yes you do!

You paid less than $300 dollars for Samsung phone and experience with fabulous. Here are the specs: Advanced filter with different creative effects, and Smart Auto selects from 16 different scene settings. It also has a big LCD screen on the front, which makes it much easier to take self-portraits and photo videos. In addition, Smile mode is the most beautiful you know how people like to smile photo.

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Why does “DCF Full Error” happen?

The error message may eventually occur when the mass memory card was initialized with a different digital device (another camera, cell phone), so the structure of the file format is not well compatible with the Samsung camera. It may not appear immediately when you load the paper. Most of the time, when you’re uncomfortable you’ve taken a series of photos.

When the error is displayed, you will be immediately able to take more pictures or record videos.

How to fix DCF error complete?

Wondering if there are a few simple ways to get rid of the problem so that they are able to continue using the camera (with the same card)? The solution is very simple – format the card with the Samsung camera! And it’s done! After formatting the card, everything will work fine again.

Can I recover images after formatting the card?

Speaking from a technical point of view, a quick format option does not erase the data forever. When you format a disk, what happens is that the file system removed the index entry. The data itself is safe and is still 100% intact. You can count on third-party digital camera recovery software to get them back.

Here are the steps:

  • Connect the Samsung camera (memory card) to a computer (Windows or Mac OS X) through a card reader or USB cable. Note: The card reader is better!
  • Download and install data recovery software on your computer.
  • Then start scanning and recover formatted images.

Special Note

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