How to Augment Visibility on Social Networks


To build partnerships and opportunities for your business, you have to maintain an effective presence on social networks. It is essential if you desire to strengthen good relationships, create partnerships and opportunities for your business, and maintain an effective presence on social networks (incorporated to other actions you could lead in “real life”). Showing yourself constantly is a must. However, it isn’t sufficient to just show you, you have to build a coherent presence, a real strategy.

Diversify the Networks on which you are Present

It’s worth remembering, do not go to a network just because everyone is there and do not avoid a network because someone informed you it was bad. This choice is yours and should be guided by the following questions:

  • How much time (what budget) I want to devote to the management of my profiles?
  • Are my clients and prospects on this network?

Hyper-targeted networks are created regularly if it is interesting for your activity, do not hesitate to take the step and to be present, it can be paid.

Adapt your Content to the Specificities of each Network

The mistake we all make at the beginning is to put exactly the same content on all networks. It is true that it is tempting, especially with the share buttons found on blogs. But that does not contribute to the good user experience. A user who goes after you on Instagram will not have similar weight as the one who sorts after you on Twitter for example. Each social network has its audience defined by common socio-demographic criteria. And then the format that will work for one will not work for the other.

The key is to transform the format of your content to each social network. To discover what works best, take a glance at what’s happening, what leaders in your industry are doing, and do some testing. If you make mistakes, it does not matter; it is all about trying and moving forward!

Tell Stories Instead of Trying to Sell at all Costs

If you use social networks solely to display your services, this will have a pessimistic impact on your image. People like stories; they want to be surprised, to learn new things, to find help. That’s what you need to do before looking to sell. By revealing a little, thanks to the content you share, the number of followers together with free Instagram likes which in turn amount to really likes will gradually get people to want to know you more, then comes the moment when you can sprinkle your presence with promotional content.

Use the Promotional Tools of Social Networks

One of the most productive strategies for getting a targeted and involved audience is to set up a promotional campaign. This can be the organization of a contest or an advertising operation. Feel free to be creative, but take into consideration the particularity of social networks which is sharing and exchange. The concept of “virality” is also very important so that your action is shared and more widely disseminated.

Publish more Educational Content

Companies that use the social network in their internet marketing strategy, such as holding a business blog generate up to 67% more useful contacts than companies that don’t have a presence on social media. Thus, a presence on the net allows you to gain the trust of your target, to do this, you need to provide educational content that your readers will find useful to achieve their goals or solve their difficulties.

Be Generous

Giving is more pleasant than receiving, and his principle also works in the online world. By giving free content, gifts, and benefits to your community, your visibility will increase, and the sum total of your prospects will also increase. Be careful, offering valuable content for free doesn’t mean totally abandoning your paid products and likewise the services.