The Amazing and Surprising Future of Robots

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, surprised the world by saying that robotics will become the largest and most important industry in the world in just 20 years.

At this moment, we are seeing tremendous progress in the development and use of robots. These mechanical wonders are already playing a big role in the industry, from the creation of modern cars to the brewing of beer. Soon, this technology will penetrate homes to perform many tasks that now take us afternoons and weekends to finish.

Robotics combines the disciplines of electronics, engineering, mechanics and software. It can be quite simple or incredibly difficult. This represents a great learning opportunity for students of all ages.

Currently there are more than 15,000 robotics equipment for children in 50 countries.

Likewise, most high schools and colleges have large clubs that do an incredible job. Their robots know no boundaries and are often quite creative and brilliantly solve important tasks.

I’m particularly looking forward to the National Robotics Week from 9 to 17 April. Each year, this special week includes more than 50 events and includes 46,000 people.

This year, we see devices at MIT and other laboratories that can walk. Although walking is natural for humans, it’s very difficult to achieve the same with a robot. Currently, walking machines are being developed that can take the place of a soldier in battle or carry out rescue operations in an environment that is too dangerous for humans.

This technology is widely used for rescue and recovery like in Japan when an earthquake occurred. Machines work where people cannot.

The “Holy Grail” of robotics is an area of ​​artificial intelligence. Some of the smartest scientists in the world are working hard to create devices that can think and reason.

Keep in mind that artificial intelligence is primitive now, but some futurists believe that robots will eventually be able to think the same or even better than humans. They can solve the basic problems that we humans cannot solveeasily.

At this time, there is a huge emphasis on robotic kits and robot toys. These exciting products allow anyone to participate. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot to start.

The robot manufacturers uk kits are simple to create, educational and very interesting. They allow anyone to get fully involved without the need to acquire risk capital or a degree in the field.

Equally, robotic kits allow young people to learn about the design and operation of the robot at an early stage. In the coming years, robots will increasingly perform a simple and dirty job in the workplace. People who know how to design, operate and maintain robots will get an incredible job in the near future.

Some of the most popular elements in personal robotics are robotic solar kits. These robots get their energy from the sun. You can get Solar Robotics kits for beginners or intermediate and advanced levels.

The “light” robots can be connected and work for several minutes. One of the favorites is Frightened Grasshopper. This insect robot swings, jitters and sways with the eyes.

Robotics – The best entertainment. It will lead the fight when our world moves towards a bright future, where robots play an important role in everyday life.