What is the contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is an attribute of the display system which is defined as the ratio between the radiance of the brightest white color and the darkest black color which the system is entrusted of producing. The projector is capable of delivering clear colored images and adequate ambient room light if the contrast ratio is larger. It is desired to have a high contrast ratio in your projector to have good quality pictures but if the contrast ratio is low and have standard features along with this then the images produced will be dim and not of high quality.

ANSI and Full On/Off contrast are the two commonly used standard of measurement. When any projector have to be bought then it is important to know which technique was implemented to measure the contrast ratio. Remember that Full On/Off contrast ratio is always larger than ANSI contrast ratio.

Image result for perfect images by the projectors.

How the image quality is affected by the contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is defined as the difference between the darkest and the brightest parts of the pictures. The contrast ratio depends upon the distance between the two parameters of the image, for example, if the distance between the two is greater than the contrast ratio will be higher and vice versa.

It is very important to know the contrast ratio of the home theatre projectors, because the picture quality solely depends upon the contrast ratio. It is very vital to choose the projectors which have higher contrast ratio which will deliver crisp, clear, sharp, vivid images which will have well defined shadow details.

What can I do if I want to get a higher contrast ratio? 

Yes, you might have noticed that the formal presentation rooms and movie theatres are always dark including the ceilings and the walls. All these rooms and presentations halls are mostly colored dark because projectors work at their best when there is no light in the room. The stray light is usually emitted from the projection screen in a high end installation. The ambient and stray light tends to decrease the contrast of the image and changes the black to look like grey while washing out the image.

The projector never project the black color, this color is seen when there is absence of light.

Any light which falls on the screen from any source other than the projector will enhance the black level and cut down the contrast. There should be minimal or no ray of ambient light present in the home theatre. It is often noticed that the people are unwilling to paint their home walls in dark colors only to get good quality of images delivered by the projectors. Some are also against of painting the walls dark of their theatre rooms for the perfect images by the projectors. One of the great options is to buy a high contrast grey screen which improves the black levels and the contrast ratio of the projector image. If you want to experience the best results then you have to eliminate the ambient light and reflective surfaces on the ceilings and the wall.