WOPET V36 Programmable Timer Automatic Pet  Dog Cat Feeder WIFI App for IOS Android

WOPET V36 Automatic Feeder

WOPET feeder can help control your pet feed from your favorite iPhone iPad IOS / Android smartphone tablet devices through our app created specifically for this type of pet feeder. It gives you peace of mind that pets are always powered, no matter where you are.

  • User friendly and simple to setup app: Design a pet plan feeding program. Configure intervals feeding and control the portion of each table. It can help to control weight and maintain, develop a good diet to live a healthy life.
  • Built-in webcam and microphone: lets you say hello to your pet anywhere you are. Even if the pet is not in front of the room, you can also call the pet using the app to provide a voice recording. This camera can capture every moment of your pet. You can play the page and image through the APP.
  • It is convenient to clean the design for the detachable food bowl or the tray and the perfect size prevents the misery your pet hungry companion can cause.
  • Top load feature enables you fill the smart feeder easily. Stable food is distributed according to the right portions you have set.

Product description

Regular feeding program, funny way to feed your pet

It is designed to feed pets at regular intervals. Weather is too busy or vacation, the smart application automatically controlled pet feeder to feed the pet.

You can decide the dog / cat parts treat and organize the feeding program. Precise breastfeeding at the right times, it is helpful in maintaining the health and wellness of your lovely pet.

With built-in microphone and speakerphone, it can track, monitor, and interact with your pet through the APP.

WOPET V36 works like a pet sitter giving you the ability to feed your pet from anywhere, anytime you want. You can set a timer or feed your pet whenever you think of it. The WOPET automatic feeder is the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs.

WOPET is to enrich the life of your pet by feeding your pet at timed intervals, or manually via an app on your smart phone. You can stay connected with your pet even when you’re away with a built-in HD camera and audio that allows you to view and talk to your pet. This lets you know your pet is doing just fine, and lets your pet know you’re thinking of them when you’re out.

Technical Specs
Product Size: 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch
Camera: 120° Wide Angle Lens | HD 720P
Accepted Food: Dry food, 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter
Food Container: 6.5L
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A
WOPET App: Android 4.0 or above / iOS 7.5 or above
Battery Powered:Battery operation requires 3 D size batteries (not included)

Customer Review

Candace Horton: Amazing!!!

I honestly love this pet food dispenser. it comes with two food size options (it is preinstalled with the large food option). If you need to change it out the directions cover how to do that. The setup was relatively easy, but the directions are written in broken english, so some mental translation is necessary. Basically, you just install the app on your device (I chose my phone) and follow the apps directions, but make sure the dispenser is plugged in first. After that modify the times and portions for dispensing of the food and its ready to go. The dispenser can hold approximately a 5lb bag of dog food. I have shown everyone at work the app and how the camera works and they all want to buy one now. I have also talked to my puppy through the app and her whining definitely proves she can tell it’s me, but she just can’t figure out where I am. LOL. The sound quality could be better, but I just love how easy this has made feeding our new puppy. The last picture has a tape dispenser next to the pet feeder in order to show the size of the unit.

M.Nicole: This thing is so freaking cool!

This thing is so freaking cool! I was tired of having to pay for someone to feed our cat EVERY DAY when we go on vacation. (Obviously I still have to have someone change the liter box and give her new water, but that can be done every 3 days.) It does everything I was hoping for! I can spy on her with the camera. I can talk and listen to her. (Only complaint is that the mic does have a slight echo and no volume control. But I can live with that.) It also holds a whole bag of food! Plus, I can calibrate her meals! I’m obsessed. Especially since the price was basically what I was paying for a 1 week sitter anyway.

Kenny Tax: it comes with 2 different fin sizes and makes dispensing food simple and easy. i have it set to auto feed jack …

Setup was a breeze. it comes with 2 different fin sizes and makes dispensing food simple and easy. i have it set to auto feed jack <my dog> at 6pm. i have it set to dispense 20 servings and then a few mins later dispense 9 more. it says that it can dispense 29 but the counter on the app only goes to 20. not a huge deal. the camera is crystal clear and i love the audio quality. my dog has never been happier!!!

Jim konickeon:This feeder is the BEST.

This is the second automatic feeder that I have bought. It was hard to set up the feed schedule and when the batteries went dead,you had to reset it all over again.This feeder is the BEST. I can go for 2 weeks on vacation and it does not run out.I love that you have the option to plug it in the wall outlet and it’s very easy to change the feed times and amounts.My cat was getting over weight on the self feeder and this was the best way to control the amount of cat food she could eat per day.She gets her breakfast at 600 her lunch at 1400 and her dinner at 2100 o’clock. When she hears the feeder calling…she runs through the house to get there!I love it and so does she.